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Endorphasm is WHY


Endorphasm poetically captures what so many of us have struggled to put into words.
Endorphasm transcends all sports and physical pursuits.
Endorphasm is a culture, a movement.
It’s what we are all after.

How powerful was your endorphasm?

The power of the feeling. The feeling of the power.

The event, the endorphasm is so powerful, it deserves and requires specific artistic expression. The word itself already captures the spirit of the feeling so many are after, but what happens when an artist brings this spirit to visual life on apparel? It’s like any other aspect of our spirit that when it is given tangible form for the first time, it is gravitational and magical in its appeal.


The Endorphasm brings you closer to your soul. It strips away the bullshit, sharpens your mind and body focus, allows you to reach beyond your perceived limitations and accomplish your goals.

We like to move and we move often. We didn’t choose this, we are this.

The moment during physical exertion when you feel anything is possible.
When your music is loud and your pace quickens.
When every nerve is alive and your greatest passion is front and center,
strengthening your body and spirit.